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How to stop invisible dog fence beeping continuously

How to stop invisible dog fence beeping continuously

I was out in the middle of the lake fishing last Sunday and got a frantic call from a lady with an invisible dog fence system. She told me her system was beeping and she couldn’t get it to stop. She also explains that she cannot reach anyone at the dealership except someone who says she can schedule a service call and they will come and fix it. As she talks further, she reveals that she already unplugged it and it’s still beeping and it’s driving her crazy. She does not benefit from the system as her dog died over 2 years ago. The lady told me that she called several different invisible dog fence dealers that she found online and no one was willing to help her stop the beeping.

As a formally educated businessman, I find this attitude of invisible dog fence sellers all too common and absolutely reprehensible. They seem blind to providing services to their customers unless they can make another dollar out of them. Given that Invisible dog fence Brand systems are the most expensive on the market, you would expect for this added cost that they would bend over backwards to help their customers. Unfortunately, this is not very often the case, and quite often the opposite seems to be the case. The more it costs, the less “value added” service you get. If it didn’t give the industry such a black eye, I wouldn’t care.

Well, back to the topic at hand. The device beeps after being unplugged. Well, to beep, it needs power. If it is turned off, there must be an additional power source, such as a backup battery. I ask her to describe what cables she saw connected to the device that was beeping. She explained that there were two twisted together which were the circuit wires, there was a black wire that was attached to the transformer that she had already disconnected, there was a green ground wire and there was also a black and red wire together that went to another -a large square box on the wall next to the transmitter.

It was the backup battery he had to turn off. Most invisible dog fence dealers like to sell spare batteries as it brings them extra income, although it is not very practical in most applications. I instructed her that she should disconnect the black and red wire combo by simply grabbing them near the unit and pulling. The little plastic plug came loose and the beeping stopped.

She thanked me profusely and offered to pay me for my help, when I declined her gesture she offered to send me the device as payment for my help. I told her how she could at least get some of the money back out of the system by selling it on eBay since there are always buyers there who want it. My personal experience with eBay is that there are several invisible dog fence dealers who buy products there to resell to their customers who are looking for used products. At least these invisible dog fence sellers try to provide additional services to their customers.

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