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How to stop a Yorkie from digging where you don’t want it

How to stop a Yorkie from digging where you don’t want it

If you want to stop your Yorkie from digging where you don’t want it, the following steps can help:

Give your Yorkie plenty of exercise

Giving your dog plenty of exercise reduces the excess energy that Yorkies often have. They dig to release this stored energy. The more exercise your dog gets, the less likely he will want to dig. If your pet digs because it is bored, exercise can also prevent this.

Restrict your Yorkie’s access to certain areas

Prevention is often better than cure and limiting your dogs access to certain areas is the most obvious and effective way to stop Yorkies from digging. If your dog is not allowed near the garden or similar areas, it cannot dig and damage gardens or lawns.

Plant healthy flowers, vegetables and plants

Some plants, flowers and vegetables can withstand the threat of digging. You can start planting these types of flowers, vegetables and plants. Planting roses is one way to do this because these flowers can defend themselves with their thorns and make your Yorkie think twice about approaching them.

Use buried chicken wire

This is a great way to stop Yorkshire Terriers from digging. Simply roll the top layer of grass into your garden. Then place chicken wire under the chima. The chicken wire will not be visible, and once your Yorkie tries and fails to dig, he or she will soon give up and not try to dig there again.

Determine a place to dig

In some situations, it makes more sense to let your Yorkshire Terrier continue this activity. Allocating a digging area is probably the best solution if your dog will be spending a lot of time in the yard or garden. When this digging area is established, you need to be sure that your Yorkie will only dig in this area and not in other places. Sandboxes can also be used as a special digging area. Monitor your Yorkie’s behavior and make sure they only dig in the sandbox. Praise your pet if he uses the sandbox and correct your dog if he tries to dig in other areas. You can reinforce this by giving your dog a treat.

Digging and burrowing is a natural trait of Yorkshire Terriers due to the way they were originally bred in the past. It is difficult to stop this behavior. The methods above are some simple ways to solve the problem of how to stop your Yorkie from digging and prevent frequent damage to your garden, lawn and yard.

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