How to stop a dog from biting – easy steps to stop biting once and for all

How to stop a dog from biting – easy steps to stop biting once and for all

A biting dog can be annoying at best and actually a danger to themselves and others at worst. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to train your dog not to bite, otherwise it can cause you very serious problems later on. Most of the time, dogs bite just to be playful, as they would in the wild. Learning “bite inhibition,” how hard to bite without hurting someone, is vital. Puppies are not born with this skill, so it must be learned. Fortunately, this often only requires a few simple steps.

1. First of all, never physically punish your dog. This will have long-term consequences for your relationship and will also make the dog more aggressive.

2. Every time your puppy or dog bites you, whether it hurts or not, let out a loud yelp. This tells the dog that what he did hurt you and wasn’t playful.

3. If your dog keeps biting for attention, then when he does, turn around and ignore him for a few minutes. This will tell the dog that biting is not the way to get attention.

Remember that all family members must know how to treat the dog. If everyone tries to train in a different way, the dog will get confused and not know what to do.

If your dog is older and still bites, then you will need to try different techniques. First and foremost, when you’re out or around other people, a muzzle is essential for safety. Then, when the dog bites, you should let out a loud growl to let him know it was done wrong.

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