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How to stop a dog from barking

How to stop a dog from barking

Finding the right way to stop a dog from barking can be a bit of a challenge, but with some patience and persistence, it’s easy to teach your dog to stop barking on command. Unfortunately, too many people give up trying to stop a dog from barking before their dog has learned the lesson and indulge in bad practices that can actually harm your dog.

Never try to stop a dog from barking by using shock collars or sprays. All dogs bark. This is a natural instinct and punishing them with cruel or unusual methods just confuses the dog to the point where it can become fearful, nervous or even aggressive. That’s why it’s more important to let your dog bark, but you have to teach him to stop barking when told to stop.

Before working on ways to stop a dog from barking, it’s important to understand why the dog is barking in the first place. Many dogs bark because they are bored and understimulated. Imagine how boring you would be if you were locked in the yard all day with nothing to do and no one to talk to. You wouldn’t like it very much and neither would your dog.

Find ways to introduce games or toys that can help keep your dog entertained. Spend some time with your dog every day, reinforcing dog training techniques. This forces him to think about your commands and work to try to please you, which is mentally stimulating for him. Always make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. A simple walk may not mean much to you, but to your dog it is a “hunting” outing with the pack leader. They don’t know what they’re looking for, but they’re excited about it nonetheless. These simple things can help stop your dog from barking so much.

When your dog is inside and decides to bark at the doorbell or at people walking past your home, that’s when it’s important to learn the right way to stop the dog from barking on your command. Although he should be allowed to bark in warning, he should not be allowed to continue uncontrollably.

Here’s how to stop a dog from barking when you give it the command to stop. Before starting this training exercise, have a handy stash of treats in your pocket or hand. Then get your dog to start barking. That’s easy enough. Ring the doorbell or knock on the door with your knuckles.

Allow your dog to bark several times. Remember, this is a natural behavior for dogs, so you shouldn’t try to stop it completely. You just want to stop the dog from barking when told to stop. After a few warning barks, show your dog that you are holding a treat. When he notices what you have and stops barking, give him the “Quiet” command. Then immediately give him the treat, along with a happy “good dog”.

Repeat the exercise and distract your dog from barking again with a treat. When he stops, reinforce the “Quiet” command and give him another treat. This method of stopping a dog from barking does require some patience and understanding, but rewarding your dog for stopping barking on command is much more effective than scolding him for doing what comes naturally.

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