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How to stop a dog barking

How to stop a dog barking

There are many reasons for dog barking. Your dog may bark as a warning that your home has been broken into or to alert you to the approach of a stranger. Dog barking is also used to attract attention or to intimidate the dog’s owner or others. Whatever the reason for the barking, I’m sure we can all agree that it’s annoying and we need to find ways to stop it quickly. Owners of constantly barking dogs are sometimes charged with disturbing the peace. Fortunately, there are several ways to stop dogs from barking for no good reason.

Teaching your dog when it is appropriate for him to bark is probably the best way to stop unwanted barking. Although there are a number of options, the best way is the reward/reprimand method. This is an effective and humane method.

To avoid using this training method, some dog owners use an electronic bark collar that emits a small electric shock when the dog barks. Eventually, the dog’s barking stops because the dog associates its barking with an unpleasant experience. I am of the opinion that using this method to stop a dog from barking is inhumane and cruel.

Electronic collars should not be used for a number of reasons, one of which is that not all dogs associate their barking with the unpleasant shock. They learn to tolerate the shock and continue to bark. Also, if the prongs of the collar do not touch the dog’s skin, a dog with thick fur will not feel the shock. It should be noted that using an electronic training collar alone rarely stops a dog’s barking. Obedience training is also necessary for best results.

Some people are of the opinion that electronic collars can discourage dogs, even though the collar may not really be them. People who hold this view often use citronella collars, which work on a similar principle to e-collars. The citronella collar emits a mist when the dog barks. Since dogs tend to dislike the smell, they will begin to associate their barking with the unpleasant scent and stop barking. The success rate is almost the same as with e-collars.

Although electronic collars can be useful training tools, most veterinarians and dog trainers believe that they cannot be used as a substitute for good obedience training. Dog obedience training helps solve more dog behavior problems than just a dog barking.

Surgery is sometimes used to stop a dog’s barking. This is the most barbaric and drastic option. The dog is prevented from barking by removing a piece of tissue from the larynx. There are cases where the dog’s ability to bark has returned, defeating the purpose of the surgery. Fortunately, most vets are against surgery to stop dogs barking.

We hope we have convinced you that good obedience training is essential for dog barking and most other dog behavior problems. It is worth noting that if a dog stops barking with an electronic collar, it will not bark when a burglar enters your home. However, an obedience trained dog will know the right times to bark and will protect you and your family.

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