How to receive and send money for your online business

How to receive and send money for your online business

Perhaps you are considering starting a web based business. Maybe you already have a business, but you feel the need to reach more people through the Internet. You may not be aware of the ways in which you can get paid for services rendered. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but don’t get discouraged, it’s really not that difficult.

There is a growing need for ways to transfer money on the Internet. In turn, there are many people who depend on the Internet for their livelihood. Many companies have chosen to outsource their work online, resulting in a multitude of online employees. Let’s look at a few ways money can be exchanged online.

PayPal is the most common option

PayPal’s popularity is often attributed to the impeccable reputation it has cultivated over the years. It is also the most widely used money exchange method used online today. Using PayPal has its advantages over using credit and debit cards directly. On the one hand, both the buyer and the seller are protected. PayPal provides an escrow service for buyer protection. It also reduces the risk of credit card fraud because you don’t have to reveal your personal bank or card information to a stranger you just met online. Creating a PayPal account is a simple and straightforward process. Once you create your PayPal account, transferring money between the two parties involved is very easy. Members pay for goods and services with money in their account. Once you provide the necessary information to PayPal, the money can be transferred from one bank account to another.

Moneybookers as a reliable PayPal option

Based in the United Kingdom, this company is the second most popular e-wallet after PayPal. There are over 4 million members who use this money exchange method daily. The suite of services can meet most of the banking needs of the common man. Moneybookers customers are only entitled to one account for both business and personal transactions. The biggest advantage of Moneybookers over PayPal is that customers can withdraw cash from almost any bank in the world as long as the bank is registered on the SWIFT network. PayPal restricts direct withdrawals, especially in third world countries.

AlertPay: Another money transfer option

Compared to PayPal and Moneybookers, Montreal-based AlertPay is a relatively new service. However, it has enjoyed phenomenal growth in a short time. AlertPay generally provides the same services as PayPal. The only catch is that it is not yet an acceptable form of exchange on eBay. AlertPay can also be used to send money to non-members via their email addresses. AlertPay users also enjoy the freedom to withdraw their money from any bank in the world.

Resource Box – You can get more information about money transfer services by visiting these popular websites.

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