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How to prepare your cats for a new kitten

How to prepare your cats for a new kitten

It is often said that it is easier to introduce a dog to a cat than a kitten to a cat. This is because the dog will not be seen as competing for resources, territory and affection as the kitten is. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done successfully, and here are some tips.

Understanding your cat

Cats have a territory, even if it is the rooms in the house, and the arrival of a new kitten can be seen as a violation of that territory. One of the best tips when it comes to choosing a new kitten is to understand your existing cat’s personality and choose a kitten accordingly. For example, if your existing cat is nervous and shy, then don’t buy an overconfident kitten that might intimidate her and cause conflict. Try to get cats that have similar personalities in the hope that they will get along.

Of course, this is difficult to do in some situations, such as from a shelter. You don’t spend enough time with the kitten before adoption to get a feel for who they are. After that, the other plan is to make sure you can separate the kitten from the cat until they settle down.

Crate for kittens

The ideal of a litter box or litter box may sound harsh, but it’s a good, safe way to introduce an older cat to a newcomer. This prevents fights that can lead to long-term animosity and problems, as well as possible short-term injuries. Buying a cat litter box to use for the kitten while things settle down can be a worthwhile purchase.

Inside the crate should be their new food and water bowls, their own litter tray and their own toys. It is important that they are all new and not taken from the other cat, as odors will cause confusion. The cat won’t like that the kitty has her things, and the kitty may be afraid of something that smells like another cat and not use it.

First date

After you bring the kitten home, don’t introduce it to the cat right away. Let him familiarize himself with his surroundings and confine him to the room where you placed the crate. Once the kitten is settled, drop it in the crate and open the door to the room. Make sure you are present when the cat first enters and observe the reactions. It might be an idea to put a small box in the crate for the kitten to hide in if it feels threatened, and leave the door open so the cat can leave when it wants to. Sometimes placing a small bowl of the cat’s favorite food or treat in the room is a good idea, as this immediately associates the kitten with something good in the cat’s mind. Observe their interaction and once there are no signs of a problem, you can let the kitten out of the box and observe their reaction to each other. Although they may never be best friends, most cats adapt to each other and live happily ignoring the other.

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