How to keep your Mastiff in your yard

How to keep your Mastiff in your yard

In some cases, mastiffs are territorial dogs. However, if your Mastiff is like mine, they don’t show this behavior until someone encroaches on the territory they want to defend. I know that if you don’t teach them the area they are allowed in, they will want to think the whole place is theirs to protect, which may mean going into the neighbors yard or strangers yards to protect them. protection, which can be good or bad depending on whether they like the neighbors or not! I know one thing you’ll want to do is try to teach them the boundaries of the yard so they don’t wander outside when you walk them or even when you’re training them off-leash.

The method I have found works best to teach my mastiff the boundaries of the yard is to make sure I walk him around the yard several times a day. I know this might seem like it would be hard to do because you would have to walk them around your yard several times a day which might be a bit difficult for some people but they will learn the boundaries of the yard over time. this way.

I know this method worked for my puppy and now he stays within the boundaries of my yard without going out to the neighbors. The only time he ever went past the yard was when he was chasing a doe he found in his yard.

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