How to improve your marketing opportunities while sitting in a coffee shop

How to improve your marketing opportunities while sitting in a coffee shop

I don’t know where you live.

But in my neighborhood, coffee is KING.

In fact, people worship coffee. And for some strange reason, this has always surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a hot cup of java in the morning to wring my brain out with hot marketing ideas.

But when you stop and think about it, you have to admit that coffee doesn’t taste that good.

In any case, I figured out a way to sit in the local coffee shop to make my marketing pitches razor sharp. And while this tip “works”, I want to warn you that it is for more advanced traders. Someone who already understands these basics of direct response marketing like: an offer… a guarantee… a bold headline… and compelling ad copy.

So keep reading if that’s you, because this marketing tip will help.

But if you’re new to direct response marketing, then you might want to stop there.

Here’s the marketing tip:

Once a month I’ll grab a piece of paper and a pen and head to the local coffee shop. When I get there, I’ll buy a small cup of black coffee. I’ll add a dollop of cream to cool it down and soften the flavor.

And then I’ll grab a seat closest to the traffic coming into the cafe.

And for as long as it takes to finish my cup of coffee, I’ll just people-watch and take notes on my yellow lined pad of paper.

And as I watch people, my marketing radar runs like a bloodhound on a hot scent… listening to what people are saying.

How are they dressed?

What mood are they in?

What are they buying?

Do they have children with them?

How old are their shoes?

How do they walk?

What is their posture?

I carefully “people watch” as I perch on my chair.

And boy does that help me write hot marketing campaigns.


Because I have my finger on the pulse of the common man.

These are the same people who are most likely to buy what I have to sell.

And as a result, I need to know who they are and what makes them work.

Famous copywriter Eugene Schwartz used a similar technique to this, which is probably why most of Schwartz’s ads were blockbusters.

Regardless, using my “coffee shop” approach is an advanced sales and marketing strategy that can help you stay dialed in with the “everyday shopper,” which can be the small difference that makes all the difference when you start writing your next your marketing campaign.

And one last thing:

If you’re serious about growing your business, then more than likely all you need are a few more good ideas like the one in this article.

So ask yourself the following:

Where can you turn for more good ideas like what you just read in this article?

In my humble opinion, you should be careful where you look for good ideas because almost everyone and their brother claim to be so-called “business experts”.

I remember:

Saying is one thing.

Doing is another.

And most of these “talking heads” have never run their own successful small business.

So anyway, if you like my style, read my author box below.

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