How to get the stinky smell out of your small dog’s sweater

How to get the stinky smell out of your small dog’s sweater

One common problem that you as a dog owner will have to deal with is a stinky or smelly dog ​​sweater. There will be times when your dog will really smell. This smell will transfer to their sweater.

This usually happens due to sweat, especially when they have been playing outside. Sometimes they would like to roll on the grass, thus leaving stains on the sweater. When you notice that your dog is starting to smell and his sweater has stains, take your dog to the bathroom and wash his sweater.

To remove stains and odor from a small dog sweater, follow these simple steps:

• Use soap when washing the sweater. If possible, use scented soaps. If you plan to wash it in the washing machine, avoid washing it with other clothes. The sweaters will have a lot of germs in there, you don’t want that getting on your clothes.

• You can also use a disinfectant soap for washing. This will ensure that the sweaters will be germ-free. After washing, you can use a conditioner to ensure that no unpleasant odors remain.

• You can only use the washing machine if the dog sweater is made of fabric. But if it’s knitted or crocheted, you’ll have to hand wash it. If you use the washing machine, it can damage their sweater.

• If there are stains, use a brush and scrub them. Make sure you wet it with soap and water before brushing. Soap and water will soften the stain, making it easier to remove.

• There are times when you will have to hand wash your pets sweater because sometimes the washing machine doesn’t really remove the dirt from their clothes. Use gloves when performing this type of procedure to protect your hands. Too much scrubbing and washing without gloves can create cuts and sores on your hands.

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