How to get him to bond – from cold feet to bonding

How to get him to bond – from cold feet to bonding

If there is a man in your life, do you think you can make him commit to you? Do you feel like you’re in an unreasonable relationship where you’re the only one emotionally invested? Would you like to nudge your man with cold feet into commitment? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. When it comes to guys, many women fail to learn how to get him to commit and end up selling themselves short. Read this article to find out how to avoid becoming someone who is unhappy.

Have fun.

You don’t have to work that hard to get him to commit to you. In fact, you don’t have to put in that much effort at all. Remember that you have a wonderful life that doesn’t involve him, and then get down to living it. For example, visit your friends, go shopping or sign up for a course you’ve always wanted to take. You shouldn’t make room for him in your busy schedule if he doesn’t want to be serious with you.

Get involved sometimes.

This is the ideal result if you follow the first pointer. When you’re busy with the other wonderful things in your life, you become less available to him. If you’re too available every time he needs you, he’ll take you for granted and have no reason to commit to you because he’ll think he already has you without commitment.

Test it.

If you’ve been dating him for a while, but he’s still not ready to date you and only you, then why should you be the only one to make the sacrifice? You might be really missing out on someone else by hanging around and waiting for them to make up their minds for you. Also, once he sees that you won’t be waiting for him anymore, he might not be so thrilled about the idea of ​​this open relationship of his.

Follow these simple guidelines if you want to make him commit to you. If he doesn’t want to in the end, you’re probably not missing out on much.

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