How to find a lost pet with energy and intuition

How to find a lost pet with energy and intuition

Whether your pet is lost on earth or lives across the Rainbow Bridge on the “other side,” there are many ways to find them. Here are 3 techniques for finding a pet’s energy on the ground.

Doreen Virtue suggests engaging your angles to find your pet. Ms. Virtue recommends asking your angel to go to your animal’s angels and tell your pet to come home! A very direct approach if your pet responds to Angel’s directions.

Another way to guide your pet home is with a ray of heartfelt love. Think ET “phone home”. Country: I ask and it is my intention out of the love of my heart to send – insert your pet’s name here_ a ray of love from my heart that my pet can use to find its way home.

This is a technique that has worked countless times. There are often miracle stories in the news about a pet that was lost, traveling for years across the country to return to its original home. Or stories of animals being lost and finding their family elsewhere many months or years later. These animals used their innate instinct to follow the heart ray home! Nothing is stronger than pure love.

The third way to find your pet is an intuitive two-part radar technique that allows you to scan for your animal’s energy.

First, you state: I ask and my intention is to feel the energy of filling your pet’s name here in my being or heart (which resonates with you).

Then stand still and begin a slow rotation either to the left or to the right like a radar beam movement. When you feel a slight pressure or a feeling of fullness or tightness in your body, stop the rotation.

Then claim: Protect me and show or make me find a pet name here for our best and best. So be it, it’s done. Now move slowly forward or look very carefully in that direction until you feel you are no longer on course. This can happen with a few steps or glances, or it can continue for long periods of time. Every time you feel “interrupted”, repeat your directives and start again. The universe is simply purifying and realigning your course.

The latter technique works especially well for a pet or animal that may be incapacitated due to health or in a location where it is physically unable to return to you on its own.

Don’t give up on these methods easily. Because you and your pet have a unique energetic connection, think of the intertwined threads of a tapestry, when one of the strings is loose, you know it. With that same metaphor, when you “intuit” your pet’s energy and your heart will know which path to take to find them, because you instinctively KNOW the feeling of being together.

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