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How to Find a Lawyer After Being Injured in a Car Accident

If you have suffered an injury and need legal assistance when making a claim for compensation, you want to ensure you hire the best, most affordable attorney in your area, especially if you are facing a complicated claim and need good, solid and sound advice to ensure your case is handled correctly and successfully.

Possibly one of the best recommendations would come from your friends. If you know people who have gone through a similar situation to the one you are facing, make sure you speak to them and ask them questions so you can get as much information as possible before you decide which firm to go with.

Ask questions such as which law firm they hired and how their case was handled. Was the case successful and if not, why not? Did they find the firm an honest company to deal with and were they kept informed during the process of the claim.

Were they easy to get hold of? This can be one of the most frustrating things when a company is handling something that is so sensitive. It would be a great advantage to know whether or not you are able to get hold of your lawyer should any questions arise during the time the law firm is handling your case.

Ask whether or not an email address was given which would enable them to correspond with the law firm. It is understandable that it may not always be possible to speak to a lawyer on the phone every time someone calls them up, so an email address is a great alternative which would enable you to contact your lawyer when you are unable to speak to them over the phone.

If the law firm does offers email contact as an alternative, ask your friends or associates how they were at responding to email contact. The last thing you want is to have to wait weeks for a response to an email when you are concerned about how your case is going but have not been informed.

As well as asking people you know for recommendations, there is also a directory called Nolo’s Lawyer Directory which lists details of lawyers and attorneys offering information such as the lawyers experience, education, fees and approach to personal injury practicing law. Since the directory is quite exhaustive, there should be lawyers listed in your area where you can check their profiles to see which one would be best suited to your case.

Once you have found a lawyer, you want to know that you are happy to be working with them whilst they work on your behalf. A great way to find out whether a lawyer is right for you is to sit down and talk about your case. You should get a feel as to whether or not you would be comfortable to hire the lawyer to deal with your case. More often than not once you visit a lawyer and sit down and talk about your case, your mind is put at rest and you can begin the process of your claim.

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