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How to file a nail without a nail file

How to file a nail without a nail file

Don’t you hate it when you break or bump your nail? This is annoying and dangerous. Anyone who has cut their nose with a rough nail knows this. Don’t even get close to your eye – ouch! No file – no problem. Years ago I learned how to take care of a rough nail without a nail file. Call me cheap or genius – I don’t care. My methods work.

It’s easiest if you’re staying in a hotel to find an alternative to a nail file. And isn’t that when you need a file the most – away from home? It’s hiding in that nice big bathroom you don’t have to clean. Available in many colors and many sizes. It always works and will not only heal rough edges but can help reshape the nail. Shower tiles, or more specifically, the grout between the tiles, are great as nails. All you have to do is rub your fingernail along the grout line and smooth it back viola. You can take the car approach or take care of this problem in the shower—whatever suits your timeline. Best of all, you know the shower is cleaned every day. Of course, this works in your own shower if you can’t find a file.

The other non-file approach I find useful is the underside of desks or stone countertops. One is wood, the other is stone. Both will work in a pinch. Usually the tops of both are smooth as glass. But the bottom is a gold mine. File away. This will keep you from harming yourself until you find a file.

Just choose clean places to file your nails. Don’t try these tricks on the subway or in an airplane toilet. You never know what will work. Remember, you don’t need a nail file to file this nail.

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