How to best feed and care for your pet Yorkshire Terrier

How to best feed and care for your pet Yorkshire Terrier

Discover the best ways to feed and care for your pet Yorkshire Terrier

Look in the dictionary under the word “cute” and you’ll find a picture of a Yorkshire terrier. Even if you think you’d never put a ribbon in a dog’s fur, you just might put a ribbon in your pet Yorkie’s fur. Another excuse for a ribbon is that their long top hair will get into their food if you don’t tie it up. They are toy-sized dogs with silky, long fur that is colored in tan, fawn and, as it is called in the Yorkie world, steel blue. This dog is a terrier, so he thinks he will be the hunting type. Although they are small, their heart and courage are huge.

Yorkshire terriers are bright, energetic, brave, intelligent, enthusiastic, alert, affectionate and loyal. They are great guard dogs as they are alert for sounds outside the house, for the doorbell or someone knocking. Sometimes their bark is a greeting bark or it can be a bark meant to get your attention. This breed needs a lot of love and attention and can become emotionally affected by a lack of either. The domestic Yorkie is also very independent. They love to roam and explore around the house.

They are not happy to be locked in a room or left alone for a long period of time. This can develop into separation anxiety. If you have to leave them alone, you should train them or put toys on their bed so they can be calm when they are alone. If you plan to be away for a very long time, make sure they have plenty of fresh water and maybe some food.

Feeding your pet Yorkie is similar to feeding other dogs in that it will be better if you make them natural food at home. This way you can feed them the best and healthiest meats, vegetables and whole grains. If you don’t have the time or desire to cook at home, buy the best you can afford. Get natural food that has no fillers or artificial harmful ingredients. Always have plenty of fresh water available.

Training your pet Yorkie, as with all dog breeds, will be more successful if it starts early and is consistent. Try to clear your head of all the old training tips and concentrate on the new, proven effective methods that work great for dog owners. Try to catch your dog doing something right and reward him for it. There are many natural treats that can be used as training rewards, so while you are training you are also contributing to your animal’s health. Be consistent, seek help online or with a professional obedience trainer, but be persistent and remember that cute little breeds can be somewhat difficult because owners treat them like children, not pack members.

Your pet Yorkshire Terrier usually bonds with older people and will often be a little nervous around youngsters. Children should be taught not to scare or tease Yorkies and to move slowly around them along with how to properly handle them. When they learn all this, children and Yorkies will get along very well.

Yorkies for the most part feel good with other pets in the house. Once they assess the situation, they can usually establish friendly relationships with other breeds and animals. They need chew toys, small dog beds, regular feeding times, water, and set times for chores outside of the bathroom. It’s always a good idea to promote dental hygiene by adding natural dental chews to your pet’s regimen. Walking your pet Yorkshire Terrier, allowing him to breathe fresh air, and feeling like you’re the leader is part of a holistic approach to keeping your Yorkie happy and healthy.

If you like small dogs with a fun temperament, get this hair band ready and start your families happy adventure with a yorkshire terrier by feeding your pet yorkie with natural food, putting him on a good training regimen and making him comfortable in the at home you will have a fun and faithful companion for a long time.

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