How do you know when a boy likes you?

How do you know when a boy likes you?

If you’ve ever wondered if a person you’re interested in even likes you, you’re not alone. If you were only aware of a few behavioral problems, you might notice this in advance and think more carefully about your own strategy. Finally, I also give you an easy and practical way to test it.

Eye contact

Start watching how he looks at you. If you don’t know him before, he can look at you from a distance. And every time he notices you looking at him, he turns away. This is not a sign that he would not like you, but a sign of shyness. Sometimes it feels obsessive if the person you least care about acts this way.

Commonly known – “the look” – when the guy slides his gaze from your head to your toes with a slight wavering smile, also means that he is interested. Somehow. Unfortunately, this usually just means that he would like to have fun with you. Of course, if that’s what you want too – go for it! But if you want something deeper – beware.

If you already know him, it’s easier to make eye contact with him. They say that a woman can read a man’s heart through his eyes, and no man can hide his feelings if you look directly into his eyes. And a guy who likes you will also try to make eye contact with you. Also, if you two don’t mind being together, even a shy person doesn’t need to look away.

Body language

You can also notice where the person is standing when they are looking at you or talking to you. Just check where his feet are pointing. If both of his feet are pointing towards you, it means he is comfortable in that direction and doesn’t need to have an escape route. So that would also mean you might like him.


Men usually don’t tell you straight up if they like you or not. But if they are interested, they will tell their best friends that they would like to know more about you. And they may make their friends understand things about you. If you notice this happening, it’s a sure sign.


When you have to talk to him, it’s much easier to know if he likes you or not. If he can be calm and self-contained when you’re around, it means he’s comfortable with you. It doesn’t mean anything other than that you can be at least very good friends. But instead, if he’s looking at you all the time, he’s not paying attention to what you’re saying, and you feel like he’d rather be somewhere else—you’re probably right. A shy guy (and not so shy if he’s in love with you) would be nervous and can’t always be so natural when talking to a woman. But if he’s interested, he’ll still try to make eye contact, smile, and talk about things that interest you.

If a boy likes you, he is also interested in the things you like and do. My advice is to try to steer the conversation towards an area you like and feel comfortable talking about. For example, if you like cats, feel free to say so. It doesn’t matter if the guy doesn’t like cats at all – he might just start comparing them to dogs (which means he paid attention to what you said and is interested in your point of view). Don’t forget to also listen to what he has to say and let him talk too!


How does the boy treat you? Many guys (not all!) playfully tease a girl they like. Also, he may be more polite to you than other girls. He opens the door for you, takes your coat, gives you a chair, etc. Any behavior that is different for you from others means that there is something special. This different behavior is easy and a good sign.

Other stuff

Here I also give you some small signs that you can pay attention to in order to know if he likes you. They are a little harder to spot than others. As I mentioned before, the legs will point towards you, but also he subconsciously turns his shoulders towards you even when he is talking to someone else. If you say “Oh I’m so dumb” or something to that effect, he’ll immediately tell you “no you’re not, (your name)”. And yes, that’s another thing – if he says your name more often than he normally would during a conversation.


An easy and practical way to check if he’s really interested is to just take an innocent step into his personal space. If he pulls back, he’s not interested or is a really shy person. But if he’s interested, he’ll put the boundaries of his personal space closer to you and let you get closer than normal.


So now you know what things you should pay attention to in order to know if the person likes you: appearance, body language, their friends and how they pay attention to your interests and how they treat you. But why should you spend energy thinking about whether a boy likes you or not, if you can make most men adore and care about you with the same effort?

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