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How can I make money working with dogs? Part 1

How can I make money working with dogs? Part 1

Dogs are so popular these days that there are many people who would like to create a career in dogs for themselves. They love dogs, enjoy spending time with them, and feel they can offer something positive to both people and dogs by working with animals. Fortunately, there are many dog-related careers available to people. Here are five good ways to make money and make a living working with dogs.

As a job, dog walking has become very popular in the past few years, especially in larger cities with many apartment dwellers. People who live in apartments or homes without large backyards and who work during the day often need a good dog walker for their dogs. A dog walker will come to the home and take the dog for a good walk, usually while the owner is at work. Many dog ​​walkers will walk the dog for about an hour. For some dog walkers, more vigorous exercise such as jogging is included. The good thing about dog walking for the walker is that he can walk several dogs at once and have several clients per hour, which improves his income. You can become a dog walker anywhere there is a demand for such a service, although dog walkers are usually found in urban areas. You can also walk dogs for the elderly or disabled in smaller towns or rural areas.

If you decide to become a dog walker, it’s a good idea to get insurance and consider becoming bonded, as you will be responsible for other people’s pets. Decide how many hours per day or week you want to devote to work. You can be flexible if it’s a part-time job, but you have to be reliable. Maintain good financial records and have a written contract with your clients. It’s a good idea to have extra collars and leashes with you when walking dogs in case one breaks. Always pay close attention to dogs and know where to take them for veterinary care.

Like dog walking, pet watching has become very popular. Many people prefer to hire a good pet sitter instead of taking their dogs to a kennel. A pet sitter can come to someone’s home and take care of the dogs without causing them the stress and upset of sending them to a strange kennel with unfamiliar dogs.

To become a pet sitter, you need to do many of the same things discussed about becoming a dog walker: get insurance and bond. You will be in your customers’ homes and you don’t want to be blamed if something is missing or broken when they get home. Your insurance and warranty will cover you in case of accidents. You must also maintain good financial records and have a written contract with each client detailing your services. Make sure you have contact information for your clients when they are out of town and that you have contact information for their veterinarian. You should also know about any medications or special foods their dogs are receiving. It’s a good idea to visit with clients and their dogs at their home before they leave so you have a chance to meet the dogs and appreciate them. It also gives the dogs a chance to get to know you a little.

As with dog walking, a pet sitter can have multiple clients at any one time. It is usually necessary to spend about an hour with each client dog or dogs to handle feeding, playtime and making sure the dogs are okay. You may want to visit twice a day in some cases depending on meal schedules. These are things you need to work out with your clients.

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