House odor – get rid of it before you sell your house

House odor – get rid of it before you sell your house

The simple fact is that all animals have different smells and smells. Most of them are unpleasant. Unfortunately, this also includes your pets. Unpleasant odors are not very appealing to the common sense of prospective buyers. It is imperative to get rid of any unattractive and offensive odors that are present in and around your house in Langley.

Yes, we all love our pets, but most prospective buyers do not. We get used to the peculiar smells of our pets and probably won’t notice them. On the contrary, potential buyers who are not used to this smell will surely notice it the moment they enter your premises. If you put yourself in their shoes, it would turn into an unpleasant experience.

Fragrance is a very powerful emotional and psychological catalyst. The smell of baked bread can evoke pleasant emotions and memories, but the smells of cigarettes, wet dogs or cat litter are most likely to evoke negative emotions. There should be no indication of animals in the house. No undue fragrances, no fur, no toys, no pets. Litter trays should be cleaned daily and should not be visible. Consider moving your pets to stay with a friend or pet daycare during show days. This way you can avoid any unnecessary distractions and possible deviations.

If you keep animals in the house or if you smoke indoors, it is not advisable to mask the smell with air fresheners or other cheap solutions. The smell of lavender and wet dog is not very pleasant and not much of an improvement over the smell of wet dog. Instead, it is better to use an ozone spray or an air ionizer. These methods can clear bad odors quite effectively. They can also add a light and pleasant atmosphere to your home. People usually associate odor masking with air fresheners. It is better to smell a pure natural odor than to mask it with something else.

In the meantime, when trying to sell your house in Langley, it would be a wise decision to leave smoking outside the premises. You should also consider having your furniture, drapes and carpets professionally cleaned to get rid of any pet and/or smoke odors that have stuck to them.

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