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Hotels in Port Blair: Hotels for every budget

Hotels in Port Blair: Hotels for every budget

With its glittering golden beaches and blissful views that seem surreal, Port Blair is one of the most captivating attractions in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The city is known for housing elegant relics from the era of freedom struggle and colonial rule. Hotels in Port Blair come in various categories, hence you can choose from budget to mid-range and even luxury properties. Properties overlooking the dazzling coastline have a magnetic effect on visitors as most of them choose beach hotels in Port Blair for their stay in the region. Thus, one can enjoy golden views of the setting sun with a perfect sea view from the comfort of one’s hotel room at these beach hotels.

Apart from beach resorts, there is also a wide range of economy, budget, mid-range and luxury hotels in Port Blair, the best of which are:

Fortune Resort Bay Island: Located on the world’s last outpost of natural rainforest islands, Fortune Resort Bay Island is a charming property overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The property is constructed primarily of indigenous ‘Podouk’ wood which is a beautiful form of redwood found only in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The hotel reflects local life while offering a calm and soothing atmosphere. Choose from 45 elegantly decorated rooms built in a series of levels; some of these rooms, set against a sloping hill, even overlook the vast sea and allow plenty of fresh air and natural light.

TSG Emerald View: A favorite among economy travelers, TSG Emerald View always believes in offering exceptional service with the best cuisines and the best rooms. Located a short drive from the airport, the hotel is strategically located and blessed with dense tropical vegetation and views of pristine beaches.

Silver Sand Beach Resort: For travelers of all kinds, one of the best choices among hotels in Port Blair is Silver Sand Beach Resort. Located in the heart of Havelock Island, Port Blair, the property is built on the oldest stretch of white sandy beach which is further blessed with a combination of swaying palm trees, enticing blue skies and lapping sea waves. 34 luxury villas and bungalows are filled with all modern amenities and offer the most captivating view of the azure seashore.

Sea Princess Beach Resort: The very name Sea Princess Beach Resort paints the mind with images of breathtaking sea views and one gets more than that at the property. The hotel is located in the Marine National Park on top of a hill and juts out between mighty mountains. With a perfect backdrop of Waandoor village, the property is covered with amazing views all around.

Hotels in Port Blair are distinguished by enchanting beach beauty, elegance, variety and impeccable service; their specialized services and attention to detail make them exceptional. For a rejuvenating vacation and to enjoy your stay in the care of nature, these hotels are an ideal choice where vacationers can relax and rejuvenate amidst pure tranquility.

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