Hospice queues – the significant role that animals play in our lives until the end

Hospice queues – the significant role that animals play in our lives until the end

Hospice Tails: The companion animals that travel with hospice patients and their families by Debra L. Stang is a short, easy-to-read book of 14 stories about hospice patients and their beloved furry and even scaly animals.

Hospice queues is about the important role that animals play in people’s lives until the very end.

  • We learn how King, the 100-pound pit bull and Rottweiler hybrid, protects and comforts 95-pound Lisa while she thinks she’s a lap dog! We read about the hospice social worker and writer, Debra’s ability to overcome her fear of both King and the albino corn snake wrapped around her arm. Pretty impressive for a cat “purring son!”
  • We are in awe as Kim, a Vietnam veteran and surgical nurse, reaches out and “sees” her beloved poodle, Blue, greet her as she takes her last breath.
  • We can’t help but laugh when we find out that Hal, who is struggling to speak after two strokes, doesn’t want to pet the little furry rabbit, he wants to hunt it!
  • Gus’s family shows up at the nursing home with Lightning, his beloved horse. (Yes, you read that right!)
  • We learn about the important role Frankie the Chihuahua plays when he jumps higher than he’s ever jumped before to wake up exhausted caregiver Alex before Glenn takes his last breath. And then there’s Louisa, who has a strict “No Pets in the House” policy. Debra gets a lint brush to remove her cat’s fur from her clothes before entering Louisa’s immaculate house. After Louisa’s husband dies, Louisa hides a secret.
  • Animals are important family members. A social worker and author, Debra and a hospice nurse know this as they gain their client’s trust after comforting the restless jester.

These short Hospice Tails are inspirational and FUN. Debra serves clients as diverse as the animal family members who play an important role in helping families cope with the end of life.

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