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Hidden cameras – a personal story

Hidden cameras – a personal story

I have a self defense website and I hear all kinds of stories from people who have waited too long to protect themselves from injury. This is always sad to hear.

A story with a happy ending

There is a story that comes to mind. A person outside the US called me and told me that he owns several apartment buildings. There was a lot of vandalism, everything from breaking and entering to putting glue in door locks. He was tired of being the victim, but he wasn’t sure what he should do.

After we discussed his situation, he decided to make an investment and protect his property and hopefully catch the intruders. So he put up some wired hidden cameras for exit signs and put a hidden camera with a wired smoke detector in the hallway.

Less than a week later he called to tell me that someone had been caught on camera and they were able to make an arrest. He was so excited and knew his investment had paid off. But he didn’t stop there. He decided to buy a kit and put hidden cameras in the wall sockets. No one would think to look for a hidden camera there.

I tell this story because everyone has a different situation, but everyone needs to protect their property. Your situation may be different and you may not need a hidden camera, but there are many other types of self-defense products on the market that you can use.

There are:

  • Do it yourself home safety kits
  • Door alarms
  • Window alarms
  • PEPPERAlarm. For those of you who don’t know, there is a brand new product on the market. It’s called PEPPERAlarm. It is a combination of an alarm and a hot spray. But unlike other similar products on the market, the hot spray is Saber’s proprietary clear hot spray that can be used indoors and leaves no residue. It does not irritate the eyes of a robber, but it causes difficulty in breathing and coughing. The cough causes a terrible headache. Comes with 2 cans of hot spray and remote control. It’s so new that most scammers don’t know about it and won’t know what hit them. And we hope the word spreads about this revolutionary product.
  • Hidden security cameras.
  • Barking dog alarm. Everyone knows that a dog is the best form of protection you can have. But in case you don’t have a dog, there is another product on the market that will do the same. It’s called the Barking Dog Alarm and it’s battery operated. You put in front of your door and when someone tries to come in, the barking dog alarm starts barking like crazy. My neighbor has one and she said it was so loud that the next door neighbor could hear it.

I’m sure everyone has a story to tell. But hopefully this article will give you some ideas on how to keep your home safe and there will be fewer stories in the future!

Security is not expensive, it is priceless!

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