Guinea pigs vs gerbils – how to choose

Guinea pigs vs gerbils – how to choose

You’ll hear a lot of different opinions when talking about whether to get a guinea pig or a gerbil. First, both animals are wonderful and depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer. This is because we all have our own likes and dislikes and are more comfortable with one type of animal than another because of its characteristics we like better. This does not make one animal better or worse than another.

For me personally, I chose guinea pigs, but that’s me. If you are choosing a new pet, whether you have previously kept guinea pigs or gerbils, there are some things to consider before making your choice.

Gerbils are generally more active than guinea pigs or hamsters. Guinea pigs, while not as (hyper)active, are a little messier than gerbils, but bond much better with you as the owner. Gerbils are also quite friendly but timid creatures, and guinea pigs just like to be around you more. They are also a bit bigger and “cuter”. But one thing you can count on with gerbils is that they will almost never bite you. A guinea pig probably won’t either, but there are more stories of piglets becoming aggressive later in life than gerbils.

As far as maintenance goes, pigs I’ve found will cost you more than gerbils. This is mainly due to their size; they eat more, are dirtier, and you’ll need another guinea pig in there because cavities don’t like to live alone. This investment is definitely worth it because for me, guinea pigs are easier to teach tricks and are a lot of fun doing things. This is one of the biggest reasons I choose a guinea pig over a gerbil. Also, if you need a pet that is active but otherwise quiet, you should definitely get the pig.

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