Guidelines for buying excellent coffee online

Guidelines for buying excellent coffee online

When it comes to buying coffee online, there is no such thing as “the best online coffee shop”. You will likely come across an endless selection of websites offering all things coffee from around the world. However, some online stores are better than others and it makes sense to evaluate a store before placing your order for coffee beans with them to understand more about who you are ordering from.

However, it should be noted that many of the benefits you find when buying coffee online also apply to your grocery store near where you live or work. With people in the UK and elsewhere mostly looking for an artisan coffee roaster nearby, there has been a rapid growth in online coffee sales.

Here are some helpful pointers to guide you when buying coffee beans from online stores.


Make sure the online store clearly states how they will package your coffee beans. Freshly roasted beans continue to give off gas for about a week after roasting and need a way to escape. Therefore, a vacuum-sealed container with a one-way valve is the best solution to release the gas while preventing the entry of air and odors that are likely to be absorbed by the beans and quickly go stale.

Fresh baked beans

The freshness of the delivered coffee beans is probably a strong reason to order online. Coffee, both beans and ground, spoils quickly, and the fresher the coffee, the better it tastes. Various factors contribute to the rapid spoilage of beans, including the degree of roasting, packaging and whether the beans are whole or ground. The general consensus among roasters is that coffee beans reach their “peak flavor” after a week or two of roasting, although the coffee still tastes great even after four weeks. It is best to go with the list of their time frame in which to consume the coffee. When you buy online, you will get the same level of freshness that you would get when you buy from your local bakery.

Availability of grinding options

For most people, the fun part of drinking coffee is exploring the different flavors that the world of coffee has to offer. The beauty of shopping for coffee online is the variety of roasts and options to try coffees from different parts of the world, be it single origin or blended, as well as the opportunity to experiment with different roast levels, types of beans, and even coffee from different seasons.

Once freshly roasted, some roasters offer a wide range of grinds to try, while others have a select range. While whole beans stay freshest and taste best when ground just before brewing, many buyers don’t have the option to grind their coffee beans. Look for an online coffee shop that sells French press, drip, and espresso grinds to help you find the perfect grind for brewing.

Reviewing the price

One of the best things about buying coffee online is the ease with which you can compare the prices of similar types of coffee beans with similar packages. This helps you avoid paying a much higher price for the coffee beans you order. However, you should be careful not to pay a hefty shipping fee that is added to the price of the coffee. Some stores reduce or do not charge shipping costs if a certain quantity is ordered. Buying a little more than you need may not be a bad decision.

Some online stores offer coffee beans in different package sizes for sale. Therefore, for those who drink a lot of coffee, a good choice would be a 5 kg bag, which also saves money. But for those looking to try a new roast, buying a 1 pound bag of coffee will do the trick.

Delivery time

To get the best flavor of brewed coffee, roasted coffee beans should be consumed within 3 or 4 weeks of roasting. This makes the estimated delivery time to your location an important factor to consider when ordering. Of course, stores located nearby are a better choice for faster mail arrival.

All things considered, the benefits of buying coffee online far outweigh its drawbacks. High shipping costs when ordering online can be overcome by purchasing larger quantities at once, which greatly reduces both overall costs and ordering frequency.

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