Grooming tips from Yorkie breeders

Grooming tips from Yorkie breeders

If you plan to show your Yorkie or just want your Teacup Yorkie to look its best, using the right grooming techniques and proven tricks of the trade to keep your Yorkies looking their best is important.

Yorkie breeders, especially those who are actively involved in showing their dogs, are the real experts in keeping Yorkies looking their best. Yorkshire terriers will need regular grooming to prevent their coat from becoming matted and unkempt, so it’s important to start early in developing a stable grooming routine.

In addition, most Yorkie breeders trim or style the coats of Yorkshire Terriers before a show. This adds to the dog’s overall appearance, but it’s also important to make sure you stay within the breed’s standards for show grooming. Key factors for Yorkie breeders regarding showing Yorkies include:

One of the most important characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier is its distinctive long coat.

The coat should be very shiny and glossy and very fine textured.

The coat should extend to the ground and be absolutely straight, not curly or wavy.

The coat can be trimmed to facilitate movement and leg hair can also be trimmed for appearance.

The hair on the head can be parted to the side and tied back with two ribbons, or it can be tied with a single ribbon in the center of the head.

The fur on the muzzle is very long and should blend in with the chest hair for a pleasing appearance.

Ear hair can be trimmed to give a neat look.

The Yorkie does not have a hairy undercoat, so there is little shedding. Long facial hair must be pulled back unless it is cut short. Many owners who do not show their Yorkie simply trim the hair to keep it out of the dog’s eyes and mouth and to keep the Yorkie looking neat

The most common Yorkshire terrier clip and the one used by many Yorkie breeders and owners is the puppy clip. This clip is basically a short cut that is similar to the natural hair of the Yorkie puppy, hence the name. This is an ideal fit for busy Yorkies and is the most commonly used brace for Teacup Yorkies.

Another trim option is the schnauzer clip, which is a bit more stylized. In this clip, Yorkie breeders and groomers cut the body hair short, but the longer hair on the legs and around the face is styled and clipped, not completely clipped.

Grooming or clipping the Yorkshire Terrier’s face and ears should be done with caution to avoid any chance of injury to the dog. Even with small Teacup Yorkies, having someone else hold the Yorkie’s head is a good idea. Start by removing small amounts of hair, you can always trim a little more if needed, but over-trimming can result in an uneven or unbalanced look.

Most Yorkie breeders are experienced enough to get a haircut right the first time, but new owners should start with small cuts and then progress to fuller cuts and clips as they gain skill.

Grooming and grooming advice provided by Yorkie breeders will be very breed specific, which is ideal as routine grooming as well as grooming and grooming are crucial to keeping Yorkies looking their best. Since Yorkies, like any other breed, have their own needs and requirements, working with someone with breed-specific knowledge and experience, rather than just someone who is familiar with dogs, is very important.

Typical advice from Yorkie breeders on grooming is basic, simple and will definitely make this task easier for both the dog and the owner. If you plan to use a professional groomer, start by asking Yorkie breeders for recommendations. This will be especially important if you plan to show Toy Yorkies, Standard or Tea Yorkies in any type of event. The groomer will need to be aware of the correct type of clamps and cuts that are acceptable in the ring.

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