Tips For Dogs

Grooming dogs

Grooming dogs

Does your dog need a makeover? Did she enjoy the great
outdoors a little too much? Here are some easy tips to help
your dog has put its best paw forward.

It all starts with brushing:

– Brush your dog regularly. Daily is best. Don’t forget too

brush against the direction of hair growth to check for fleas and


– The right tools. For short-haired dogs, most groomers

recommend stainless steel combs because they slide through them

very easy to apply.

For medium to long-haired dogs, start with a smooth brush and

then follow up with a stainless steel comb.

During the warmer months, consider investing in a flea comb to be on the safe side

your dog has not become a flea hotel.

To really make your dog’s coat shine, finish with a soft

bristle brush.

– If your dog hates being brushed, it sometimes helps to brush him

after playtime. Start by brushing into the hair growth

direction. When finished, reward your dog with a

treatment. Brush your dog a little longer each day. And if you

you’re lucky, your dog might even start to like being brushed.

Now for the tub:

– Brush your dog from head to toe, making sure all mats are gone.

For small dogs, the sink works great. For medium to large dogs,

a bath or shower works best. Use only warm water and good

dog shampoo. People shampoo is too harsh and can

irritate your dog’s skin. Most makeup artists recommend work

from the rear end forward, soaping the head last.

– Rinse, rinse and rinse again to make sure you remove

all shampoos.

– Short-haired dogs dry quickly and only need to be dried

with a towel. If your dog has long hair, it may be necessary

brush it until it dries to avoid tangling.

The Grand Finale:

– Finish by giving your dog a treat.

– Then celebrate! You and your dog survived the bath and you

have a clean dog.

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