Good dog training is the foundation of a good relationship with your pet

Good dog training is the foundation of a good relationship with your pet

One thing is certain: good dog training will provide you with a companion that is a lot of fun. An obedient dog will not be a threat to its surroundings and the initial work and investment of time will pay off over and over again. In truth, dogs enjoy being trained. It challenges their intelligence and gives them the opportunity to spend time with you, the focal point of their happiness.

Good dog training will ensure that your dog is less likely to get into fights with other dogs. Socialization will teach them how to behave with other dogs in public places.

If you have elderly people and children in your home or even around your home, it is extremely important to have a pet that has gone through good dog training. An uncontrolled and untrained dog can turn life into a tragedy in an instant.

When your dog is well trained, you will see the difference in your household, just like you see when children are well behaved. The environment is happier and much less stressful.

The bond with your dog will last for many years, so good dog training is a wise investment of your time and effort as it will strengthen your bond and provide a carefree foundation for the relationship.

The basic commands for good dog training that a dog should know and be able to follow are quite simple, but at the same time very important.

The HEEL command means you want your dog to walk right next to you without pulling forward, dragging you down the block, or lagging behind.

The SIT command simply means that you want your dog to sit still on his feet. This is one of the most basic commands for good dog training, but it is essential for controlling your dog.

The DOWN command means you want your pet to lie down and stay down. Being able to socialize your dog with people and other pets is an important command for you. A dog who has mastered this command is close to completing his basic training.

The STAY command is also one of the main ones, ensuring that your dog stays exactly where you want him to in any situation, thus keeping him out of a ton of trouble.

The command NO! is quite versatile in its use as it applies to so many situations. It is imperative that your dog understands and obeys the word “NO!” every time you say it, as your intention is to keep both of you out of trouble. Once the dog has learned to trust and obey you, simply “NO!” will draw the boundaries.

Now to use the “Yes!” also a lot, like positive reinforcement and praise. Dogs enjoy rewards and will do what you want if they get physical affection and a resounding “Yes!” in return.

Perhaps you did not want to turn your pet into a well-trained animal, and there may be no need for this in your case. But teaching him these basic commands is good dog training and will greatly improve your relationship, the dog’s behavior, and the way people view you as a dog owner.

The training process will establish you as the alpha dog, which in turn will automatically curb bad behavior on the part of the dog.

An untrained dog doesn’t know his boundaries, gets bored, depressed, and completely miserable because his natural goal of making you happy is denied. So giving your pet good training is a huge favor to both them and yourself.

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