Go wild with animal baby shower invitations

Go wild with animal baby shower invitations

One of the most important parts of any party is the invitation. One look at any party invitation can mean the difference between a potential guest and a sure turn-down. So you better know the right things when making all those invitations. They not only have to look real, but also fit the occasion perfectly. And when you’re throwing a baby shower, having the perfect theme for your invitation is absolutely essential.

You can’t make your baby shower invitations look like underwear party invitations, can you? So the question remains – what design should you include in your invitation? One of the most popular themes associated with childhood and babies are animal themes. Although not technically a children’s party, baby showers have more or less the same essence and themes such as animal themed parties can be invoked and are good options.

So what animals should you use for your celebrations? Many animals, real or fictional, are possible candidates for the field. They include:

Cuddly animals such as dogs, cats, bears and ducklings are excellent examples of invitations. Not only on invitations, but these animals are also great as gifts. Just make gifts out of small key chains or small figurines and watch your guests go home with sparkling eyes.

And if you want to add a little twist to your party, you can also settle for a dinosaur themed party (which are definitely animals too). This is great, especially if the mother is expecting a boy. Nothing says expecting a baby boy like a T Rex on an invitation envelope!

And for those special moments when you want to look up-to-date, you can choose trendy animals like characters from Blue’s Clues or even Pokemon!

Your choices are as limitless as the animals in the world of fact and fiction!

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