Gifts for cat lovers – Cat earrings

Gifts for cat lovers – Cat earrings

When people think of buying gifts for someone they know is a cat lover, they often come up with the same items. A fun cat mug or t-shirt, but there are many other options for cat lovers. An item that is usually not considered is that of cat earrings, which can be purchased to suit any style or budget.

Cat earrings have evolved over the years from the familiar basic studs into more dramatic styles. There are some delightful fall styles available not only in gold or silver but also in many bright colors to suit different personalities and dressing styles.

Quite popular are the fall style, which can also include flowers, symbols or artistic additions on the cats’ body. This gives the user more than just an ordinary item to declare their passion for cats. It also provides another outlet for personal expression by combining another area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest with a passion for cats.

It’s important to consider the face’s ear size when choosing styles. If the person has a small ear or if it is for a child, the weight of the earring may be an issue. Although many metals are light, more expensive sterling silver items can become heavy if a larger style is chosen.

To combat the weight problem associated with larger styles, hollow metal or another non-metallic substance such as lightweight acrylic is often used. Although some people may think of plastic as a cheap alternative to metal, there are continuous advances in manufacturing that can produce a high quality product without the plastic or cheap feel.

An advantage of acrylic is that it is lightweight, but also doesn’t feel like cheap plastic, and it can be printed on in multiple colors. This can suit many different fashion styles and can even be worn on more expensive occasions. It also doesn’t fade or chip easily, making it a versatile choice for long wear.

In addition to the weight of the main body of the cat earring, it is important to consider the metal used in the post or hook in the ear. In some people, they may be allergic to certain metals and have an allergic reaction. Many cat earrings have posts or hooks that are manufactured from surgical steel to minimize allergic reactions and improve wearability.

Also, due to the nature of the drop style, the links used in the cat earring must be neat and free of gaps. The gaps can stretch over time and there is a risk of the cat earring getting lost from the post. A higher quality item should have solid connection points between each part of the cat earring.

Checking these small details before purchase will ensure a higher quality, long-lasting cat earring that will give the owner many opportunities to enjoy their cat or many years to come.

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