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Getting to know common salamander species

Getting to know common salamander species

Did you know that there are about 500 species of salamander on earth? There are several salamanders to choose from, but unfortunately not all of them can be taken and kept as pets at home. Some of them are close to extinction; therefore, they are protected by laws in selected areas. Below are some of the common species that can be kept as pets.

Each species often corresponds to a specific area where it can mostly be found. For example, the eastern mud salamander can be seen mostly in mud areas on the east coast, while it can never be seen on the west coast.

Ambystoma tigrinusor commonly called the tiger salamander, can grow to 1 foot or more. They are mostly characterized by yellow spots all over the body along with some stripes. They are commonly found in some areas of Mexico. They are found in plains and mountainous areas and like to live on rocks and stones rather than in water.

Ambystoma cingulatum or commonly called Flatwoods salamander are slightly smaller compared to tiger salamanders. They regularly grow to an average length of about 1/3. They are usually found in the southwestern United States. They like to settle in pine forests and lay their eggs, which mature in 3-5 weeks.

Ambystoma gracile or commonly called the northwestern salamander, usually measures in length between the tiger salamander and the flatwoods salamander. The northwestern salamander usually averages ½ foot in length. Their name reflects the location where they are mostly found in the United States. However, they may also be located in some parts of Canada and British Columbia. They like to live in moist places, unlike the tiger salamander, which prefers to stay in the rocks.

Ambystoma jeffersonianum or commonly called the Jefferson salamander has the same length as the northwestern salamander, which reaches half a foot long. It resembles the northwestern salamander in that they live in the northwestern United States and Canada, where they also like to stay in the water as well as in the forest. It takes time for them to develop their eggs. It usually takes about half a year before it is fully developed.

Ambystoma macrodatylum or commonly called the long-toed salamander lives mostly in the northwestern part of the US, while it mostly settles in green places. They develop their eggs in about six months, and the eggs usually mature in half to a full year.

Some species have intense color pigmentation. Most of the time males have brighter colored spots. Red salamanders have a distinct very bright red color in their bodies, while salamanders with circular black spots have translucent or white colors in their skin. They are mostly found in caves and holes.

Knowing the different types of salamanders will give you the advantage of providing them with the specific care they need at home. Keep in mind that each species of salamander has different needs when it comes to their habitat and diet. But they all require equal care from their owner.

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