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Getting the most out of your pet cat experience

Getting the most out of your pet cat experience

There’s a pretty obvious reason why cats are so popular as pets around the world. It’s that they are able to take care of themselves to a great extent, but are also willing to enjoy the time associated with their colleagues when they feel like it. This strange marriage of diffident confidence and hearty friendliness means that cats are relatively easy to care for and extremely satisfying to have at home. The degree to which cats can fend for themselves means that in some countries there are different notions of ownership when it comes to pets like cats – they are not directly owned by a particular home, but are usually given food from time to time by a number of families, but to all the rest to fend for themselves.

By making the most of their age-old talents and predilections for hunting, cats are able to provide food for themselves. This hunting ability also fulfills a key need for many households and commercial premises across the planet, as domestic cats are able to pay their way by finding and dispatching mice and other small rodents around the building, gardens and outbuildings. This is how cats have played a dual role over the years – domestic servitude as a means of pest control and at the same time a faithful domestic companion. Cats as a group of animals, including domestic cats, are carnivores, meaning that instead of communicating with each other and attacking their prey as a group. Having said that, cats can communicate with each other to a limited extent; purring for example is a way of communicating that they mean no harm – often thought to only express contentment, a cat’s purring can actually be an expression of their fear, done by the cat as a means of appearing submissive.

There are a wide variety of cat breeds, many of which look completely different from each other. But unlike many other domesticated animals, different types of cats are very similar to each other – apart from differences in weight and the shade and length of their fur, one type of domestic cat is quite similar to any other, both physically and in character. This is a big contrast to dogs or cows, where differences between breeds mean big differences in size, body structure and appearance.

If you are considering getting a house cat, one of the most beautiful creatures in the entire world is the kitten, and you should definitely consider getting a younger cat for your household. Pedigree domestic cats often sell for around £500 and can more often be found advertised in the local paper or by searching the internet for a phrase such as ‘cute bengal kittens for sale’. However, non-pedigree cats, also called ‘moggies’, also make wonderful pets and are more often sold for around £50 or given as gifts instead; if you’re in the market for cute kittens for sale, maybe you can try looking online or in the local media.

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