Get a list of dog breeds and choose the right dog for your household

Get a list of dog breeds and choose the right dog for your household

Dog breeds differ in many ways: body size – Chihuahua to Bernese Mountain Dog. They differ in proportions like a pit bull to a greyhound. They differ in head shape, ear shape, coat length and texture, and color. Pick up a book and study a list of dog breeds.

Much of their physical traits correspond to the need for function of the original breed. Don’t just rely on dog breed photos. There are many dog ​​breed directories. Buy one or go to the library and get one.

Today, behavior is even more important.

All too often prospective dog owners choose a breed based on its physical traits rather than its character.

The toughest guard dog is useless if he falls asleep at the front door. Dogs enjoy as many behavioral traits of the breed as they do physical traits. Don’t be surprised by this.

Dogs tend to act in certain ways that are dictated by their genes. Not all dogs will act the same within a breed, but most will.

There is one behavioral trait that is present in all dogs. Their love for the owner/master.

You should first analyze why you want a dog before choosing a dog. If you have children, you need to find the breed that is good with children. But remember, you also need to teach your children how to behave with a dog. A dog is NOT an emotionless stuffed toy. It is a living being with emotions. Also, please do not make children take responsibility for a dog. It’s a grown man’s job.

If you are generally older in years, you will not want a breed that needs a lot of exercise. Or a breed that can pull on your arm when you walk.

The size of the dog should be considered. If you have a big dog and a small child, they can bump heads and the child gets hurt, and it’s not the dog’s fault.

Choosing a breed involves more than looking at pictures. See the breed profile. Talk to owners of the same breed in the same circumstances as you. Meet some “live” dogs of the type you are looking at.

Research the history of the breed. It will show you what has shaped this breed to be what it is today. For example, an old breed dog that was bread and butter for digging up vermin will end up digging up your yard… it’s in the genes!

A shepherd of sheep might end up nipping at his heels a bit.

Also check out the more modern breeds. There are some amazing new dog breeds out there. These new oodles are great for dog allergy sufferers.

Make sure your energy levels match.

And all that being said. Look for the surprises. For example, racing greyhounds are amazing pets for the elderly or those who do not participate in many activities. They are great apartment dogs. They like to sleep during the day, often curled up on a couch or pillow. They do NOT crave activity or exercise. They are trained to perfection and love dogs. Give an account. Just when we think we have it all figured out.

So you see, don’t just run out and get a dog. Get the right dog for your household. Train this dog and you will have a friend and family member for life.

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