German Shepherd Training Tips

German Shepherd Training Tips

The German Shepherd is a great dog. We are drawn to the German Shepherd with their beauty and strength. There is protection and security that go along with the thought of a German Shepherd. When I think of a German Shepherd, I think of loyalty.

Yes, loyal is definitely a good word to describe a German Shepherd. My husband and I both share the same love for the German Shepherd breed. We had decided when we moved to Germany that we would buy this lovely breed right from where they got their name. So, after only one month of living there, we bought a 4 month old German Shepherd puppy.

We instantly fell in love with her, but I won’t lie to you, we soon found out she was a handful. German Shepherds are dogs that need a lot of space to run and a lot of attention. If you are considering purchasing or adopting this wonderful breed, please be aware of the time and training these dogs require.

We had a problem with her biting when we first brought her home. Play biting to be exact and with two little boys it wasn’t good. We found that if we say ooh in a loud high pitched voice and ignore her until she calms down, she will stop biting. My two year old loved telling her no and that worked too. Well, I must say it works great. We had no more problems with her biting after a very short time.

Before long she became very large. By the time she was a year old, she could drag me wherever she wanted. I was only 115 pounds then, and she herself weighed 99 pounds. She pulled me to my knees once right in front of some men who were working on a building near where we lived. I was so embarrassed and very angry with my faithful friend.

It became clear that this lovely dog ​​was more than I could handle, but to be honest getting rid of her had never crossed my mind. I needed some control even though I knew she needed to be trained. Oh, she could sit and talk, but that wasn’t enough.

I bought a book and started training my dog. I was at a huge disadvantage because I had waited until my dog ​​was fully grown to start training. It is so important to start training your German Shepherd or any other large breed at an early age of six months. This will make training a lot easier for you.

Well, it took time and patients, but I was able to train my German Shepherd and what a great dog she turned out to be. I put a lot of work into it and it was all worth it. She can be with me everywhere. Even without a leash she would obey my every command. Oh, and I was never embarrassed about being dragged again.

Please consider training your dog, whatever breed it is, you will have a much more pleasant relationship with it if you train it. For information on free training, please visit my blog.

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