German shepherd guard dogs

German shepherd guard dogs

German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs for a number of reasons. They are strong, smart and extremely obedient, which makes training a German Shepherd a pleasant task. Only certain dogs can be trained to work with people and the public. Guard dogs are used by the police, private security companies and for personal use. Many people have bought a German Shepherd as a family dog, and if the dog shows potential during basic obedience training, they may want to progress and train it to be a guard dog.

Training should start when the dog is still small, because then the dog will want to learn. You can train your German Shepherd basic obedience training and scent recognition skills yourself without any help. Once your German Shepherd has mastered the basics and if you’re ready to progress, you may want to contact your local kennel club for advice on guard dog training. In order for your dog to become an official guard dog, you will need to attend guard dog trials. Guard dogs must pass various tests as well as being able to pass a character test.

The following criteria are included in most guard dog trials:

  • Basic obedience exercises
  • Odor discrimination
  • No gun shyness
  • Protective instinct
  • Listening skills
  • Following orders

Trainers and staff will help you prepare your German Shepherd for guard dog training trials. Your German Shepherd must be able to perform a number of exercises to pass the test. Some examples of the exercises required in guard dog training are:

  • Simulated attacks on the dog and its master
  • Escape of the attacker
  • Chased by the dog
  • Barking and signaling danger
  • Find hiding faces
  • Hold a suspected criminal in place

Having a German Shepherd trained as a guard dog can be an asset for your personal protection and the safety of your family. Remember that not all dogs can be pre-trained to be a guard dog, as it requires special behavioral traits and personality.

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