Frigoglass HV362T chills your drinks to perfection

Frigoglass HV362T chills your drinks to perfection

Everyone likes a chilled cocktail, juice or cold drink and they need to be perfectly chilled. As a restaurant or bar owner, you need to ensure that you deliver consistently chilled and delicious drinks every time. To do this, you need to invest in the best refrigeration equipment like the Frigoglass HV362T. How does this commercial beverage cooler cool your beverages?

How does the Frigoglass HV362T cool your drinks?

The Frigoglass range of commercial beverage coolers are equipped with a digital thermometer that allows you to check and control the temperature at any time. You can monitor the temperature and adjust it if it changes due to external temperature conditions. It is manufactured with a reverse air system that controls the movement of air in the unit. It also ensures that cold air circulates inside the unit and warm air stays outside. For your safety, there is a built-in electronic surge protector.

But can it keep many drinks chilled? The answer is yes. Frigoglass HV362T is a hinged double glass door with dimensions of 1230 x 765 x 1981 millimeters and a weight of about 210 kilograms. The gross volume for this unit is 1172 liters. This commercial beverage cooler has a capacity of 504 x 500 ml bottles or 1008 x 330 ml beverage cans. It is able to cool each one evenly thanks to the reverse air system. All these drinks can be stored on the 8 shelves that the unit comes with.

In addition, this unit is great for display purposes as it has convenient pricing strips, a bottle-shaped handle and the back panel can be branded with labels. The product display area is an abundant 1.35 square meters, and the logo display canopy is a suitable size of 0.22 square meters. You can display enticing drinks or your business ads on this device to get your customers to buy more chilled drinks. Customers are drawn to bright and colorful food and beverage advertisements designed to tantalize their taste buds.

Husky’s Frigoglass HV362T is great catering equipment and is best suited for busy bars and restaurants that serve a lot of drinks on a daily basis. This unit is reliable and will deliver consistently chilled drinks every day. Keep your drinks and customers chilled with the latest innovations in commercial cooler technology.

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