For the Boston Terrier dog

For the Boston Terrier dog

Due to their main characteristics, such as their small size, friendly and fun nature, Boston Terrier dogs feel very comfortable in a small family home, even an apartment. These people-friendly dogs need a lot of attention from their owners as they want to be part of the action! There is a lot of interesting information available related to the history of the Boston Terrier breed, the temperament of these dogs and their special requirements, but first let’s do an overview of the breed

Many of the characteristics of the Boston Terrier breed are unique. The history of dog breeding began in 1870, when a man from Boston bought a cross between the parents of an English white terrier and an English bulldog. The Boston Terrier types were bred smaller with the French Bulldog, thus giving birth to what we know as the Boston Terrier. One of the unique characteristics of the Boston Terrier breed is the purpose of breeding, these dogs being the first in America to be bred for purposes other than sport or hunting. In an attempt to dispel the common perception of terriers as aggressive dogs, Boston terrier breeders have focused more on their show potential.

The main traits characterizing the unique temperament and individuality of dogs

The character of these dogs is high-spirited and they like to engage with everyone around them. The ancestors of this dog breed were originally bred for fighting, but the dogs were bred as companion dogs. It has a kind and friendly disposition towards its owner and likes to be the center of attention. A known fact about Boston Terriers is that they are also very gentle with their owners, often licking their faces if the owner allows them. They are very suitable pets for families with children or the elderly, as they are extremely social animals.

Tips for caring for your pet

As is the case with most dog breeds, a dog needs plenty of outdoor exercise to stay healthy and alert. Although they are not usually hyperactive dogs, they need to run and play in the sunlight often. If the dog is kept outdoors, he needs a fenced backyard to keep him from leaving with a stranger he might like, as well as a dog house as protection from bad weather. These dogs need a lot of tender and loving care, so spending quality time with them playing and petting is important. They also need good quality food and plenty of fresh water.

A good place to start when looking for a dog is animal rescue centers. Here, abandoned animals are cared for and are waiting for a new family.

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