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Flea Removal – Flea extermination starts in your home

Flea Removal – Flea extermination starts in your home

If you come face to face with an infestation of fleas, it’s not the end of the world just yet, although you have a lot of work to do as you fight the hateful vermin until the last of them falls for good. The difference between fleas and their eggs is that the former live on their hosts, and the eggs can be infested anywhere you can think of, be it the host, bedding, sofa, carpets or even your car.

In the initial stage of the flea life cycle, where eggs are formed, you literally have between three days to two and a half years to see the adults fully emerge from hibernation. The difference in the number of days it takes the eggs to eventually evolve into larvae, pupae, and then into a mature specimen depends largely on how favorable the incubation environment is for the parasite. One flea can lay around 50 eggs per day on average, therefore you can literally see a massive infestation within a week or so.

It is important to start by conscientiously bathing your pets every day with an anti-flea shampoo to prevent fleas from appearing. If necessary, administer flea medication to pets as prescribed by your veterinarian. There are specially designed combs for infested pets that extract the parasites from the coat. It is a good idea to set aside a corner for your pet’s routine bathing and brushing so that your home is not re-infested. And when administering the medication, make sure you read the instructions carefully, as some treatments are specifically designed for dogs and can be fatal when used on cats.

And in light of the speed of flea infestation, you will need to clean everything in your home and other related environments as soon as possible. You might consider using flea repellants to fumigate your entire house, yard, and even your car. But keep in mind that the hard work begins immediately after the fumigation process.

Collect all bedding, sofa covers, carpets, curtains and soak them in disinfectant before washing. Alternatively, you can steam clean them instead, as any parasites will have no chance of living in hot steam. You will also need to vacuum every corner, couch and furniture, all flooring, wash all bedding, curtains, etc. Get rid of the vacuum cleaner immediately after use. Start cleaning your entire house with a mop and disinfected water.

Finally, as a protective parent of your children, you need to know the company your pet keeps. Make sure the company does not include infested animals or your flea removal plan will be in vain. Otherwise, no matter how many times you clean your house, it will become a vicious cycle that no amount of flea extermination can stop.

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