Five important obedience commands all dogs should know

Five important obedience commands all dogs should know

Every well-behaved dog should know at least five basic but important dog obedience commands, which are:

Down, sit, come, heel and stay. You should teach your pet these commands 3 to 5 sessions a day, each session lasting 10 to 15 minutes. Short but frequent sessions are preferable to long and boring ones if you want to keep your dog interested.

The following is a brief description of the basic dog training commands. You can choose to give verbal praise or use treats after it has performed the desired behavior.

The “Sit” command.

The “sit” command is a stationary position where all four of his paws are on the ground. To teach the sit command, hold a bite-sized dog treat and then move it from your dog’s nose in the direction of his head. Praise your pet, or click if you’re using a clicker, after your dog’s backside touches the ground and immediately give the treat.

The down command

Down command is another stationary position where one lies on the ground. To teach the down command, ask your dog to sit and then take a treat near the dog’s nose. Just like you’re drawing an imaginary letter “L,” move the treat down from the nose to between your dog’s front paws. Pull the treat out, then click or praise as soon as the dog’s elbows touch the ground and the dog lies down. Once it falls, deliver the treat immediately.

The command to stay

The stay command is a stationary position in which it will remain frozen until released. To train the stay command, ask your dog to sit or lie down. Count two seconds, then click or praise to reward the dog for staying in position and deliver a treat immediately while the dog is still in position. Then release your dog from the position using the release command.

The “Come” command.

To teach the “come” command, step back a few steps from your dog. Then call your dog’s name followed by the “come” signal as you walk quickly backwards. Click or praise once the dog starts coming your way. Give the treat as soon as your dog catches up.

The command for the heel

The heel command is where your pet walks next to you with his shoulder in line with your left knee. To train the heel command, your pet must be on a leash. Start by taking a step, using your left leg first, then walk, encouraging the dog to follow. Once he’s right next to you, with the dog’s shoulder aligned with your left knee, praise or click the dog, then deliver a treat.

In conclusion, these are the five most basic and most important dog obedience commands. It is good to keep repeating the procedures because only with repetition will the dog understand these commands. Once the dog learns all the commands, it will benefit not only you but also your dog.

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