Finding friends for your English Bulldog puppy

Finding friends for your English Bulldog puppy

As a new puppy parent, you’re probably thinking about how to keep your English Bulldog puppy social and liked in the neighborhood. One important part of this is letting him play with other dogs often.

Visiting local dog parks is the best way to find puppy friends for your English Bulldog puppy. Being able to socialize with other pet parents will allow you to match your pup’s behavior and personality with other pups in the area. Remember that these bulldog puppies get along well with other dogs, but you want to make sure their friends are the same size. You don’t want your puppy to bully other dogs or hurt them with his size and strength.

Taking your English Bulldog puppy to puppy classes will also allow him to meet friends who are the same age and usually the same size as him. Your puppy can even choose friends to sit or play next to. Let him socialize when class is over and see if you can schedule play dates with some parents in the class. This will help your puppy to be social with both animals and people in the future.

Remember, you know your dog better than anyone else. If you sense that he’s uncomfortable or scared around certain dogs, take that as a sign to find friends he’ll like better. You want him to have fun, be himself and be free. Find him friends who let him do it!

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