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Fiji water for my english bulldog?

Fiji water for my english bulldog?

Both PETA and the SPCA would be proud of me, although getting their approval has never been high on my list of goals. It all started that day when my wife came home with a six pack of Fiji water. I don’t know why the water from the countless springs in the United States is not suitable, but after many years of marriage I have learned the golden rule for husbands: “Don’t ask.”

For your information, Fiji is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean east of Vanuatu, west of Tonga and south of Tuvalu; I know this helped me, but in case you are less familiar with geography, let me add that Fiji is about 4,776 miles from Los Angeles and another few thousand to Georgia.

I was getting a glass of water from our refrigerator door through a filter that needed changing in six months when my wife said our bulldog wanted water. After washing his bowl, she filled it with the aforementioned Fiji water. Let’s go back to the water from the fridge for a minute.; I was buying these filters for $50 until I realized that when the light turns red (which means get a new filter) if you press the button a few times it turns green again. Don’t tell my wife.

In 2006, 119 million liters of water were imported into the US from Fiji. It’s a hit with the trendy LA set, and I don’t mean Lower Alabama. Prestigious restaurateurs serve the drink to their wealthy customers, not realizing that it also seems to be a favorite of my English bulldog, Stonewall.

Generally speaking, bulldogs are not known to be particularly particular when it comes to the water they drink. They have even been known to drink from the toilet bowl. Therefore, it is my reasonable opinion that importing water over five thousand miles for the Bulldog is a little difficult.

But perhaps the more important question is who came up with the idea to bottle water in Fiji for export to the United States? Did a couple of local Fijians, sitting on a white sand beach looking out over the amazing blue-green ocean, decide that bottling Fiji water was a sure ticket to riches?

They must have believed one or more of the following: A, the United States needs a new source of bottled water; B, People in the United States will buy anything; C, Environmentalists’ complaints will be ignored by status-seeking bottled water fans; D, People in the United States will buy anything. Oops, I said it already.

Of course, bulldog owners know that nothing, and I mean nothing, is too good for their bulldog.

This reminds me of the time I ran out of shampoo and someone suggested I use dog shampoo. Then I realized I couldn’t afford to use dog shampoo. I pay about a dollar for a bottle of my shampoo and fifteen dollars for the special medicated shampoo for the dog.

Living a dog’s life, at least in my house, isn’t so bad. He eats expensive food, sleeps in his bed next to ours, walks and plays with him, gets excellent medical care, has someone to brush his teeth, wash his ears, trim his nails and bathe him every week. He poops in the yard and I clean it up. Not to mention he sometimes drinks Fiji Water and I never do.

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