Ferret Odor – Get rid of your ferret’s odor

Ferret Odor – Get rid of your ferret’s odor

Ferrets have an odor that is unique to them, just like any other pet you may own. Some people like the smell of ferret, others can’t stand it, while most people are right in the middle. Personally, for me, the smell of wet dog is the most disgusting thing in the world, second only to changing the cat litter! While I can’t say I enjoy my little weasel’s natural smell, it’s something I’m used to. If your ferret has not yet been spayed or neutered, you will notice a big difference once you do this. Male ferrets in particular have a stronger odor than females when they are not neutered. Also, the younger sets will lose their flavor as they age a bit.

If you choose to “down” your ferret, it will not change your pet’s natural everyday smell. In this process, the scent glands near the tail are removed to prevent the animal from emitting a foul musky odor when startled (similar to a skunk, though not as scary!). This process does not stop the daily normal oils that are naturally secreted by the glands on your pet’s skin. This is completely natural and something you will get used to just like any other animal.

A few things you can do to reduce your ferret’s odor are to clean its bedding more often and bathe your pet less often. I know it sounds weird to bathe her less, but the reason for this is actually quite simple. As soon as you bathe your pet ferret, his skin glands go into overdrive and try to restore the external oils you’ve washed off. In fact, your pet may smell worse than it started a few days after the bath. Most of the smell from your ferret is usually not actually on the animal itself, but in the cloth on its bed, on the paper or toilet, and on your carpets and furniture. Another thing that can improve the smell is slight changes in your pets diet. If you choose to feed your pet chicken and lamb instead of fish, you can make a big difference in the smell of your ferret and its litter box. Your weasel will also have a more intense scent in the spring and fall as this is her natural shedding season.

There are also products you can buy such as Ferret Sheen powder. You may also feel more comfortable using some sort of air filter system, there are many available.

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