Fashion jewelry – ten trends for 2010

Fashion jewelry – ten trends for 2010

The new year is almost here and with it will come new trends in fashion jewelry for 2010. Fashion jewelry trends for 2010 will be determined by many factors, but the writing is on the wall to predict what the market patterns will be for the upcoming fashion year. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what we think will be the fashion trends that will shape the new year.

1. International fashion with an emphasis on cultural uniqueness. A push to use locally significant materials that carry cultural weight. 2009 was all about exotic locales and ethnic fashion featuring everything from tribal jewelry, African beads, bead jewelry and more. For 2010, expect a more local focus to include your own local materials and beads.

2. 2010, unlike 2009, nine will be associated with symmetry and coordination of clothing and jewelry. You will no longer be looking to draw attention to your unique jewelry with bright colors and shapes, and a more subtle use of your jewelry is a trend. Bold was good, now bold and stylish is the name of the game.

3. The price of gold continues to skyrocket. This will continue to influence jewelry trends. Brass, silver, wood and beads will take over the field while gold remains out of reach for the masses. Beaded jewelry and unique custom pieces will help people express their individual style while not taxing already strained financial resources.

4. Cold colors will be the new fashion trend. Wild beading and earth tones will be used a little more sparingly, while black, white, blue and gray will help create a fashion image of strength, collection and ability. Standing out with a flashy color is no longer a trend in 2010.

5. Handmade unique jewelry will continue to be extremely popular. More popular than ever in 2010, due to the desire to express yourself through creativity rather than extravagance. Expect the truly fashionable to wear their own beaded jewellery, from necklaces, pendants to rings and bands.

6. The search for meaning will lead fashion jewelry designers to create pieces with greater symbolism. In 2010, every piece in your jewelry box should have a story to tell and a story to talk about. Selective wearing of symbolic jewelry will strongly define the trend for 2010.

7. Small, light bracelets and delicate pendants will carry the day. Maybe you have a beautiful beaded pendant, small and almost unnoticeable until you turn slightly and it catches the light. Jewelry of this type will be in fashion and will be the cause of many conversations.

8. 2010 will be the year of stripes for fashion. Prints will still have their place, but they won’t be as common as solids, and patterns will re-emerge as a fashion winner.

9. Dangle earrings with glass beads or a center accent will become increasingly popular. 2010 will be all about focus and meaning, and the dangle earring provides a perfect counterpoint to the less daring clothing trends to be seen.

10. Artisanal jewelery will be an unbeatable trend for 2010. With financial pressures mounting and little relief in sight, families will return to what matters and fashion will reflect this. The value of sharing the joy of creating together with children, creating memories, and jewelry is becoming even more popular than it is today.

There are a few key features of next year that we think will most directly shape the jewelry styles to come. We created this list based on expectations of a sluggish financial economy, increased global communication with an emphasis on cultural nationalism, and instinct.

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