Extra large dog houses for Bernese Mountain Dog

Extra large dog houses for Bernese Mountain Dog

With their calm and relaxed demeanor, Bernese Mountain Dogs have historically been used as draft animals to push or pull carts. Their size, strength, and cool temperament make them good candidates for this type of farm work, as well as helping with livestock. With their long, wavy fur coats, they do well outdoors and seem to prefer cooler climates. They are dogs of great strength and size, weighing up to 120 pounds, and large dogs can reach 28 inches at the shoulder.

Having this beautiful good-natured dog as part of the family can be easy for him due to their temperament. The challenges arise in that they need physical activity to stay in shape, but they don’t have the stamina that some of the smaller dog breeds would have. Also, with their preference for cooler climates, a fenced yard with an insulated extra-large dog house would be a great setup. This will allow them a shady spot in warmer climates to escape the heat and protection from the elements like snow and rain when they are out enjoying a cool day. This gives them the space they need and the ability to get up and move around when they want. Since they are prone to skeletal problems, an orthopedic mat in the house can also take the strain on the joints.

The Bernese’s long thick coat makes this extremely large breed well insulated and in turn that means a lot of care and shedding. The typical challenges of being a pet owner, however, multiplied by 100 plus pounds, can also increase the need or desire for them to be outdoors when conditions permit and they are comfortable. An insulated extra large dog house can give your pet the comfort they need and you the peace of mind you need knowing your pets are safe and secure where they are happiest.

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