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Extra, Extra – supplies for dog training

Extra, Extra – supplies for dog training

It’s been a long time since the art of training has adapted to the basic needs of an urban slicker and to the basic needs of his pet: these extend to not chewing armchairs and accordingly going out daily and marking territories in a symbolic way. However, there are more complex tasks for a dog that have not been erased by time, such as hunting: no matter how respectable and pure the “hunting” family from which a particular dog descends, it will definitely require the patience and care of the owner to learn his dog how to hunt. In fact, the animal knows this instinctively, but to perform an action according to the desires of the human side, that is something else, and dog training supplies come into play.

More precisely, there is this common problem in hunting: the dog, instead of keeping cool and acting as it has been taught, at unexpected sudden sounds and sights, it jumps, scares the game or launches a useless attack. If it were the best breed, and if it benefited from the best care, the animal should be taught to retrieve what matters, a duck, not a floating pear from a stocking. When you first go hunting with him in the wild, he will not understand what the call of the bird is and will be confused: quails and chukars – a type of pheasant that flies even faster and makes a louder noise than a quail – made to jump out of a cage, directed by a funnel, so that the dog gets used to the sight of these birds in the wild, distinguishes them from decoys and knows what to do in these situations. Funnels are great dog training tools as you use them to call the birds back into their boundaries and use the combination over and over again until you have your dog ready.

In case you’re kind-hearted and don’t like hiring live birds, the dog training supply market offers bird launch rockets that shoot dummies that look like ducks or other birds as if a real bird were flying wildly. quickly from a natural brush. You can use duck scent that you can inject the dummies with so that the scent can be recognized by the hunting dog, but first go through the launch manual to understand how it works and how to use the given remote control with up to eight different operators to startup.

Dog training supplies for simple needs

Regardless of the pleasure of seeing your dog retrieve the game, there are other simpler commands that cannot be learned without the use of special dog training supplies. For example, to teach a dog to stay within a perimeter, such as your property, you can use an interesting receiving collar worn by the pet and an underground electric boundary marker, so that every time he tries to go outside, you should receive a treat electric shock.

With this dog training consumable, the animal understands the concept of “limit” much better, without making any effort and without having to build unsightly fences around your property. The same trick works when you teach him not to bark randomly, while the given collar will give him that slight jolt, making him less likely to bark loudly again.

Electric shocks, as brutal as they may seem, have many advantages and teach the dog in the way it knows best to behave properly and to respond to the trainer’s commands: you don’t want your freshly planted flowers uprooted in their beds by his curious paws, so just pressing the remote control button tells the dog to stay away from the garden and comply with your wishes instantly.

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