Equipment for agility training of your dogs

Equipment for agility training of your dogs

Many people have decided to learn about the benefits of agility training for their dogs. There are several different benefits to agility training your dog and one of the most important is health. When your dog is active and gets exercise often, he or she will be healthier, fitter, sleep better and live longer! It’s just as important for dogs to exercise and be healthy as it is for people. Another benefit of agility training your dog is his behavior. When you work with your dog and teach him to respond to your commands, he has structure and discipline. Because of this, they listen better in general, not just when you’re doing tricks and such. If you are new to agility training, you should definitely consider it. Here is some information about the equipment used.

Basic or entry-level equipment –

Perhaps one of the first things most agility trainers would introduce a dog to is the tunnel. A tunnel is just what it implies – a tunnel of canvas or other material that lies on the ground. The point is for your dog to run through the tunnel and come out the end on its own or between other agility trick equipment. Dogs love tunnels and it seems to be one of the favorite facilities of most dogs.

Another piece of equipment for beginners is the jump bar. This essentially looks and acts as an obstacle for your dog so that when he gets to the bar, he will jump over it. This can also be used alone or as part of a routine. However, it is better to introduce this to your dog in private and teach him to look at it separately. Once they get used to jumping over the bar, this can be installed into a routine.

Moderate Skill Equipment –

The table is part of a routine where the dog shows its control. This is moderate skill equipment, but since dogs tend to be so hyper and playful, it can be a difficult trick to master. Basically, when the table is part of a routine, this is where the dog will stop and stay for a set number or until the owner gives him permission to continue. There are different sized tables and one based on your dog’s size is the best type.

Tire jumping is great equipment for dogs with an intermediate skill level. This piece is a free-standing frame that holds a rubber or hoop for the dog to jump through. This can be a very fun trick to practice and learn and looks quite impressive once the dog gets the hang of it.

Hard Level Equipment –

Dog walking is a bit more advanced as you have to train your dog to balance on this equipment and avoid jumping and moving forward. It’s basically like a wider balance beam for dogs. A dog that masters this is a skilled puppy!

It is very fun and entertaining to train your dog and teach him agility. Spending time with your dog and rewarding him will prove that dogs can quickly master most equipment. Don’t forget the dog biscuits!

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