Easy Anxiety Relief – 3 Things That Will Help

Easy Anxiety Relief – 3 Things That Will Help

Easy relief from anxiety attacks can be found in the use of a number of Chinese herbs. While practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that anxiety and panic-related conditions are primarily a product of the mind, they use traditional herbal medicine to address the very real physical symptoms of anxiety.

Some common medicines used by Chinese healers to treat anxiety disorder or to treat anxiety ranging from mild to moderate in intensity include:

  • Albizia Bark
  • Fu Shen
  • He Huang Pi

Albizia Bark

Albizzia Bark is an herb that is native to Hubei Province in China. This herb consists of naturally dried bark used as a natural sedative. Albicia bark can be used to treat palpitations, insomnia, anxiety and nervousness. It is also used as an herb that calms the nerves and the mind. This can be made into a decoction for consumption.

Fu Shen

Fu Shen is a form of fungus or mushroom and its root is used to treat anxiety related problems. This herb is used to deal with anxiety, fear and excessive irritability. The herb is available as a supplement and is sometimes identified as Poria Spirit. You should follow the instructions on the package of this herb to use it safely.

He Huang Pi

This herb comes from the mimosa tree; it is the bark of the tree that is added to an anxiety tonic. This herb is good for dealing with stressful emotional states, irritability, restlessness and anxiety. The herb also naturally treats sleep disorders.

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