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Dog training – the recall command

Dog training – the recall command

In racing, this is called “recalling,” but we all want our dog to come when we call, especially when there is a threat of danger. This is one of the most difficult things to train a dog, especially if you are training one of those breeds that like to roam. Some dogs will become so focused on the scent that they seem completely deaf to your calling. However, there are trainers who can get their dogs to come every time with a simple hand signal, so it should be possible. As with all good things, it takes practice.

Start teaching your dog to come during a tilt exercise. As you lean with your dog, do the following three things simultaneously: say “come” in a commanding but inviting voice; take a few quick steps back; pull the leash sharply towards you. Your dog will notice that you have disappeared from your position on his right ear and will turn to find you. When he does this, start using the leash to reel your dog in. At the same time, praise the dog. Act as if you have never been so excited to see anything as at the sight of a dog approaching you. When your dog gets close enough for you to grab his collar, do so and gently pull him into a sitting position right in front of you. You will want to train your dog to sit in front of you when he comes. (As opposed to jumping on you or running past you and jumping on the couch.) After you have the dog sit, praise him some more and then give him the release command.

You’ll need to practice this recall method for weeks and weeks before you’re ready to do something off-lead. If you rush to train without a lead and call your dog from a distance, and your dog does not come and correct himself immediately using the high collar, your dog will learn that he does not have to come immediately when called. You don’t want your dog to have this insight. You want it to think, “No questions asked. They called me. It is time to sit before my master.”

When you’re ready to train off-leash, and please don’t rush it, start with small distances and the leash is still attached to the dog’s collar, so if the dog doesn’t comply, you can quickly correct it.

Remember that praising your dog is the most important part of training it.

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