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Dog Training Methods You Should Know – Or Learn

Dog Training Methods You Should Know – Or Learn

Before starting a training regimen for your dog, you should know the different dog training methods. This will be part of your decision as to what training approach should be appropriate for your dog given his age and the improvement he currently needs. Before you decide, you should have an idea about the different training methods.

Reward type of training – this is the training that is widely practiced everywhere. This type of training involves a treat that will be given to the dog every time it does its job correctly. Through constant repetition, the dog gradually learns to associate your command and its execution with the treat that follows. Rewards can also be expressed in hugs and praise later, as these will have the same effect as treats.

Choke method – this training is specifically designed to teach the dog to behave well when walking on a leash. The dog learns his lessons here when his collar gets tight and tends to choke him every time he pulls on his leash, but the choke collar loosens up when the dog is well behaved on a walk. Many dog ​​lovers criticize this type of training because it can injure the dog.

Whisper method – this training method was invented and popularized by the Mexican coach Cesar Milan. Many dog ​​training enthusiasts are intrigued by this method, which involves a lot of communication with the dog and understanding its body language.

Click method – this is one of the most effective dog training methods in use today. It uses a clicker that the dog can associate with its responses, as well as the treats that follow after each successful performance. The treat will only apply in the first few stages of training. This will eventually be removed as the dog masters the skill and only the sound of the clicker is maintained, which serves as a reward, followed by praise or physical attention.

Whistle Training – this type of training is quite complicated for beginners. This training uses an ultrasonic whistle, the use of which must first be learned by the trainer before he can use it to train dogs.

Without knowing the different types of dog training, you wouldn’t even know how to get started. If you want to improve your dog’s behavior or if you want to train him yourself, you need to know at least one training method. Make sure that the things you know can help you improve your dog’s behavior and not just some stunt that is meant for your own pleasure or to impress other people.

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