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Dog Training – Bells – Do They Work?

Dog Training – Bells – Do They Work?

Dog training bells are something that has been talked about a lot lately. Trainers use them to better train dogs. The theory is simple. Have a bell that means something important and the dog will know that when the bell rings something important is happening and he must come.

In this article, we’re going to talk about when you feed a dog, because that seems to be the best way to use a bell for dog training.

You will need to start simple and then move on to more complex things. However, try never to change your pattern – at least at first. You want the dog to understand what is going on. Don’t get confused.

Basically, in short, you’ll want to ring the bell when you put food out for your dog. The way this works is that after you do this a few times, your dog will associate the sound of the bell with dinner time and will usually start running after you ring it just once.

You can then add variations by clicking your fingers and your dog sits. You clap your hands and he lies down in his seat. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually very simple. Associate the things you are trying to teach the dog with the sound of what you are doing, along with a good reward for it. The dog will not hesitate to sit, fetch or run when it thinks that where the sound is, there will be something good waiting for it.

Using this simple psychology, you can see how using a bell would be great for teaching your dog several different things. It really is limitless in what you can do. Luck.

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