Dog steps can save your sanity!

Dog steps can save your sanity!

Does your dog bark non-stop when trying to get to a higher place like your bed or sofa? Mine did until I finally discovered how amazing dog stairs work to keep Fido happy and save my own sanity. Why didn’t I find them sooner?

Seriously, who is the boss in your relationship? You’ve worked all week and were looking forward to a relaxing day reading your favorite novel. As you disappear into the magical world of Chapter Two, your crazy dog ​​barks and you literally put down your book, get up from your comfy chair, pick them up and place them on their favorite piece of furniture. Then, two minutes later, you repeat the same process, placing them back on the floor.

Now just imagine you’re back in your magical fantasy world when your best friend gives you the “I need a ride” look, which of course you ignore because you’re in your own little world; but this time they give up their barking and move with their dog steps without any intervention from you. Life is good!

Dog bed stairs (or sofa) access gives your dog independence and comfort while protecting his joints from stress caused by years of jumping. Getting your dog his own set of dog steps will be a decision you won’t regret. Dog stairs come in a variety of great designs, so you’re sure to find one that suits your furniture and your dog’s unique style. Whether you like wood, plastic or bamboo, there are a variety of dog bed steps and furniture that will ensure your furry friend’s independence while giving you back your sanity.

If you think your dog won’t use dog steps, think again. Training your puppy to use dog steps is not difficult; however, it requires patience and a few tricks that can help your dog become more confident.

First, remember that this is like “Dog Kindergarten” so introduce your dog to the dog steps slowly. Let them sniff around and become naturally confident around the steps. Then use a treat on the first step so the dog associates the steps with something positive. When your dog is comfortable with the first step, move a treat to the second step and allow him to take the treat from there. Praise your puppy for every small step they take so they know they are doing well.

You don’t have to conquer the mountain in one day. Even if it takes a few days for your dog to really gain confidence going up the stairs on his own, you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of uninterrupted reading time!

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