Dog sledding competitions

Dog sledding competitions

Dog skijoring competitions are mostly held in places where there is snow or sometimes they are held every winter in other places that have different seasons. The distance of the race usually varies from five to twenty kilometers. The longest race ever recorded is the Road Runner 100, which took place in Whitehorse Yukon, with a recorded distance of one hundred sixty kilometers or ninety-nine miles. In places like the United States and Canada, these Skijoring competitions are usually held at the same time as the dog sled races. So Skijoring is just another category for those places that usually take place during the day or in the morning. In Scandinavia, this sport is closely related to Pulka, which is an old Scandinavian sport.

Northern breed dogs like the Siberian Husky aren’t the only ones who can join the Skijoring dog races. On the other hand, German Shorthaired Pointers, Pointer/Greyhound mixes, and Alaskan Huskies all ranked first in racing teams around the world.

There are times when competitions are prohibited, especially if they are organized by an unknown local organization. The International Sled Dog Racing Association, or commonly referred to as ISDRA, maintains many races in the United States and Canada. While the European Dog Sled Racing Association or known as ESDRA maintains competitions for European countries. Another organization is the International Federation of Sled Dog Sports, or IFSS, which supports World Cup competitions around the world, as well as the World Championship competition every two years. These three organizations are the only ones that can provide legal sanction as they are authorized organizations for this type of sport.

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